Family speaks on Donna teen's death

This SUV was allegedly used in the crime.

Alfonso Sanchez says his nephew Oscar Jimenez was like a son to him.

The 16-year-old lived with him and his family for several years but now Sanchez can only hold on to memories.

Oscar was shot in the head and killed allegedly by gang members on Monday night.

"The kids didn't think about the extent of the damage," the grieving uncle told Action 4 News. "Killing Oscar has the family devastated and friends are suffering for the loss."

Investigators told Action 4 News that the deadly incident started at a park near 25th and Lissner Streets where two groups of teens were throwing rival gang signs at each other.

Donna Police Chief Ruben "Ram" De Leon said the individuals involved in this incident apparently got into some kind of a fight and then it escalated to gunshots.

Police believe it was from the passanger side of a maroon Ford Explorer that the lethal shot was fired.

"Upon the arrival they were able to see that a young man had been shot and injured," De Leon said. "They tried to render aid however he had expired at that time."

Donna Police Lt. Ric Suarez confirms the arrest of four juveniles between the ages of 14 and 15 years old in connection to the shooting death of Oscar Jimenez.

Homicide detectives have also seized the vehicle the teens were driving the night of the shooting.

"After receiving consent there's some casings inside, so we're going to try to get evidencial search warrant to further investigate the vehicle," Suarez said.

Police say Jimenez's death was Donna's first homicide of the year and the first homicide involving juveniles since 1998.

Oscar's grandmother, Florentina Rocha, still can't beleive what happened to him.

She said her grandson had so many dreams and that an argument that escalated to a shooting took the young life.