Family speaks on fatal ATV accident

Steven Munoz was killed in an ATV accident

Two Weslaco families are grieving after a 13-year-old and 21-year-old are killed in an ATV accident.

Family members say the teen always looked up to the driver as if he was part of the family.

21-year-old Steven Munoz and 13-year-old Francisco De Leon Jr. passed away Wednesday due to that accident.

Both families are currently arranging the funerals for the two young men.

Munoz's older sister says she and her family are still in disbelief.

"I haven TMt seen him for a couple of days, but it still hasn TMt soaked in," Iris Munoz, who is grieving the loss of her little brother.

She said Steven Munoz lived life to the fullest.

"He liked living fast. His little saying was 'live fast die young and handsome.' He would always say it, always. He would say the end is near."

The 21-year-old was a member of the National Guard and had just returned from an 8-month tour in Afghanistan.

This week, he took his best friend's little brother out for a joyride on an ATV.

"His mom would say that the little boy would look up to my little brother a lot. When my little brother was there, he'd always be there with him. That day he really wanted my little brother to take him on a four-wheeler ride," said Iris.

Munoz and 13-year-old Francisco De Leon Jr. never came back.

Hidalgo County sheriff deputies said both were killed when they tried to avoid a concrete pipe near a sugarcane field off FM 1015 and Mile 15 North.

More than an hour later, De Leon's older brother, Eli, found their bodies 25 feet from the ATV.

Iris said, "They both flew out and my little brother crawled to the little boy and they both died together. He says my little brother was holding on to the little boy's shirt really tight,"

Iris told Action 4 News when she arrived on scene, there were lots of people and little information available.

"Hoping for the best, but knew the worst was there. They already had them covered with blankets."

Iris said it TMs all just a big shock.

"We were real close, we would go out together-go to the mall. Do all kinds of stuff together. He was my little brother," she said.

Iris said Steven was more than just her brother, he was her best friend.

We also reached out the De Leon family, but they did not want to speak to us on camera.

Francisco's mother told us the emotional impact of losing her 13-year-old son has left her with a feeling of emptiness.

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