Family speaks out about Laura Garza's death

Laura Garza TMs family said her smile lit up a room.

When a person smile TMs and she has a big smile"I think of my sister, said Ivan Garza.

Now, frozen in pictures, that smile is what captured the hearts of so many across the nation.

"We're receiving support from everywhere, said Isela Villalobos. Everybody is pouring their hearts out to us."

The youngest of three children, Laura was always under the protective eyes of her two older brothers.

Reporter: Would you say you were a protective older brother?

Yes, said Ivan Garza. My brother would always go out with my sister."

When she wanted to go to New York, to peruse her love of dancing, both Nicolas and Ivan Garza said they did not approve of her going so far away.

"I didn't want her to leave," said Nicolas.

But, with just one look, she could get her way.

Nicolas said they could not keep her from following her dreams.

"Like every person that has goals, she wanted to accomplish them, said Nicolas. I couldn't tell her a|.I supported her 100 percent."

Nicolas and Ivan told Action 4 News that Laura called them ever day"and her mother five times a day.

They said the one day she did not call is the day that changed all of their lives.

They said faith is the only thing that helped get them through these difficult months.

"These are words from her mother, said Villalobos. Days after Laura had disappeared she came out and bowed here, in front of this area, and told God...if she's gone let her be yours...if she's here send her back to me."

As the family prepares to deal with this tragedy"they said Laura will be missed by all.

The Garza family told Action 4 News that Laura TMs body will not be back for burial for a few months.

They said her body is being used as evidence in this case.