Family Speaks out about woman's body found near Combes

Murder is Alicia Mireles' only explanation for her daughter's death. Brisna Mireles, 20, was found dead Saturday morning, along U.S. 77 frontage road, near FM 508 in Combes.

Mireles said the proof was on her daughter's face.

"There were no tire marks on her body to show that she was run over, Mireles said. However, she did have a gunshot wound on her right side of her face, near the mouth."

Authorities are not confirming the grieving mother TMs theory " they have are not releasing much information at all.

Other things that lead Mireles to believe foul played was involved, include that her daughter had no reason to be in Combes, she said her daughter's personal belongings such as her cell phone, purse and identification card were nowhere to be found, and grocery bags were found near her body.

"It's strange that grocery bags were the only thing found next to her because she never goes grocery shopping - it's very suspicious," the mother said.

Mireles said her daughter was well liked and a social girl. She doesn't know who would want to harm Brisna, but adds that the girl and her boyfriend did fight often.

That boyfriend, according to Mireles, was 19-year-old Timothy Ruiz.

Police arrested Ruiz Thursday for criminal trespassing at Mireles' home. Police said he was knocking on bedroom windows.

Mireles said Ruiz was not allowed at the home and she had filed a criminal trespass warning with police.

Ruiz was arraigned for the trespassing on Saturday and a judge gave him a $2,000 bond.

"Authorities are going to be investigating, because there could be something suspicious there, but I know they're looking into it," Mireles said.

Mireles said she hopes authorities will find the person responsible for Brisna's death. She said her daughter's death is the worst thing that's ever happened to her.

The Mireles family is asking for help to cover funeral expenses. If you would like to help, contact Action 4 News Reporter Daisy Martinez at