Family speaks out against depression after man jumps to his death

The family of a young man who jumped off a 14-story building to his death are looking for answers.

The close-knit family cannot image why he would leave them behind to suffer.

The mother of 23-year-old Michael Cisneros said her son was battling depression.

She never thought he would take it this far and wants other parents to look for the signs so this doesn't happen to their children.

The last message posted on Cisneros' Facebook page on the day of his death shows a troubled young man.

He quoted a popular song lyric in the post, writing "we were meant to live for so much more."

Cisneros made his way to the 14th floor of the Villa Del Sol apartments in Brownsville and jumped off the roof top to his death.

The family he leaves behind is in disbelief, calling Michael their angel.

His mother Patricia was devastated that the former Hannah High School student didn't just talk it out.

"My only regret is, I didn't get to hold him for the last time to tell him that I love him."

His aunt, Norma Flores, said he was battling depression.

"Depression is something that is a silent killer," Flores said.

After he was able to gain access to the roof top some are now asking questions about whether or not security at the apartment is good enough to protect the elderly residents from intruders.

"Make sure not to let anyone in for their safety because they're elderly," said Mrs. Campos, while visiting a loved one in the building.

A hand-written suicide letter found with the body, paints a picture of what was going through his troubled mind, saying "each day I was alive feels like a never ending battle."

"If you suspect your child is going through depression, don TMt over look it. Do something about it because tomorrow may be too late," said Patricia.

The grieving mother says if you or someone you know is dealing with depression, to get help.

Michael did not get the help he needed.

His family will now have to live on without him.

He also wrote in the suicide letter, that he hoped to meet his family again in the afterlife.

Brownsville Police are looking into security measures at the building to figure out how he got to the roof top.