Family speaks out in Olmito sex abuse case

Sean Banuelos

A 19-year-old Olmito man is behind bars after being accused of raping a mentally ill girl but he told deputies that he's the victim.

Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department deputies arrested Sean Banuelos on an aggravated sexual assault of a child with a mental disease or defect charge on Tuesday.

Deputies were called out to a home in a neighborhood on Saint Simone Avenue just off of FM 803 north of Olmito on Monday evening.

The girl TMs mother told deputies that her 15-year-old daughter said she Banuelos had made advances on her and got mad when she refused them.

The mother found blood on her daughter TMs underwear and claimed she was not on her menstrual cycle.

Deputies learned that the 15-year-old girl had gone over to Banuelos TM house to visit one of his sisters.

Records released in his case show he told deputies two different stories.

The 19-year-old claimed the teenage girl came over to his house and asked to borrow his cell phone.

Banuelos said he turned around after he made a phone call and found her not wearing any clothes.

He claims the 15-year-old girl attacked him, undid his pants and had sex with him.

Banuelos later changed his story and said that the girl was inside his bedroom without any clothes when she forced herself on him.

The 19-year-old claimed that he was not aroused during the encounter and that he finally pushed the girl away, made her get dressed and made her leave his home.

One the girl's relatives came to his house and told him to stay away from her.

Banuelos remains in custody at the Cameron County Jail but his family said the girl is raising "false allegations" about him.

Benito Banuelos said his family is working to get his son Sean freed from jail.

The Olmito man said in a telephone interview that they have witnesses about the girl, her behavior and her family.

Benito Banuelos said the girl is known for having crushes on all the men in the neighborhood as well as lying.

He said Child Protective Services and investigators need to look at how the girl's family often leaves her alone.

"You don't leave a disabled person by themselves," Benito Banuelos said. "What's wrong with this picture?"

Under state law, aggravated sexual assault of a child with a mental disease or defect is five to 99 years in prison and/or a $10,000 dollar fine.