Family stands by homeowner following fatal double shooting

Maximilliano Godinez is wanted for illegally carrying a firearm, and Rene Villarreal is wanted for tampering with evidence

Two alleged victims of a home invasion that resulted in a fatal double shooting are now wanted by authorities.

Maximilliano Godinez is wanted for illegally carrying a firearm, and Rene Villarreal is wanted for tampering with evidence.

Family members tell Action 4 Godinez raised farm animals on the property where the shooting took place.

He TMs good at it; he loves animals, a relative who does not want to be identified said.

Sunday night, the shooting turned Godinez TMs quiet business upside down.

Godinez and Villarreal tell Hidalgo County Investigators two men went to the home on Sioux Road near Mariposa Street near Alamo looking to buy roosters.

They allegedly opened fire - the reason Godinez fatally shot both men.

We are not ready to declare this a Castle Law application, Sheriff Lupe Trevino said in a press conference Monday afternoon.

Once viewed as victim, now both men are wanted.

Family members are concerned with how the homicide investigation is being handled.

It TMs been two days and we haven TMt received a phone call from him or anything, a relative said.

During questioning, Godinez complained of chest pain and was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

We weren TMt told anything, she said. We didn TMt know he was in the hospital until we saw it on Channel 4 News.

Investigators questioned both Godinez and Villarreal following the shooting.

There is evidence Godinez TMs business could be connected to cock-fighting.

Investigators found a small ring on the property and several roosters.

Family members admit he once participated in the sport in Louisiana, but abandoned it more than a decade ago.

It attracts bad people and we know it, she said. It TMs something he wants nothing to do with.

Right now it is still unknown why the two men pulled guns on Godinez and Villarreal, but family members believe that if Godinez did not shoot first, authorities would be investigating his and Villarreal TMs murder instead.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office released information on the people involved in the shooting.

Jesus Geel is one of the two confirmed dead. He has an extensive drug and theft criminal record.

He was also deported at least one time.

Godinez has three previous drug arrests and served five years in prison.

Villarreal has been arrested previously for misdemeanor drug charges.

Godinez will be arrested when he is released from the hospital.

Villarreal plans to turn himself in.