Family suffering after used vehicle breaks down hours after purchasing it

The SUV stopped working just 24 hrs after they purchased it

Jason Carranza knows his small vehicle can't accommodate his family of six.

"I have four kids and my wife," he explained. "I can't fit everybody in here unless I stick somebody in here and I ain't going to do that."

But a Honda Pilot SUV would work.

His wife bought one Tuesday from Pharr Cars on Credit at 1309 West Highway 83.

Less than 24 hours after driving it off the lot, Jason says a major problem surfaced.

"It wasn't running as good," he said. "It wasn't throwing the gears no more. Reverse wasn't working."

They took the SUV back to the used dealer.

The news?

"They told her we had to pay $600 out of our pocket to get the transmission fixed," Jason said.

Management did agree to subtract the cost of those repairs from their 21 month financing if they paid for it up front.

"We don't got that money," Jason said he told him.

They recorded a video to warn others of the manager refusing to return their money, thinking Pharr Cars on Credit was in the wrong.

But it turns out they signed a contract agreeing to the vehicle's condition "as is."

They also didn't purchase an extended warranty.

Jason admits he didn't fully understand the deal and worries his kids will suffer.

"Now we're learning our lesson," he said. "It's a very expensive lesson. So we called Action 4 for help."

The Better Business Bureau lists Pharr Cars on Credit as having a B- rating which is considered good.

They only had one complaint in the last year that was resolved.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf went to the business on behalf of the Carranza family to try and work out a compromise with management.

"I was thinking about what you told me and I said yes," Joe Villarreal, manager said. "We can work something out for the customer."

He agreed to exchange the Carranza's Honda Pilot for a comparable vehicle on the lot.

It's a new deal for a family with a new understanding on buying used cars.

"People need to understand the fine print," he said.

The BBB recommends anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle to take it to reputable mechanic first.

Often times, if repairs are needed, dealerships will reduce the price of the purchase.

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