Family trip to shoot "varmits" lands father, son in jail

Father and son arrested // Hidalgo County Jail

A father and son are facing criminal charges after they allegedly went out on a family trip to shoot animals from inside their truck.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) game wardens arrested 70-year-old Edwin Lee Krska and his 37-year-old son Kevin Kurtis Krska son on Sunday night.

Investigators told Action 4 News that game wardens received a tip about people "spotlight hunting" off Wallace Road just northwest of Edinburg.

Game wardens arrived to the rural road and allegedly saw a brown pickup truck with people hanging out the windows with guns and a spotlight.

The game wardens reported seeing people inside the truck firing their weapons into the brush.

Upon questioning, game wardens learned that Krska and his son took other family members out to go hunting.

Under Texas state law, it is illegal to hunt along a roadway using a spotlight.

Krska and his son allegedly told game wardens that they had gone out on a family trip to kill "varmits" -- coyotes, rabbits and other animals.

Game wardens told Action 4 News that they did not locate any of the animals killed but both Krska and his son admitted to killing some and leaving the carcasses behind.

Both Krska and his son claimed that they didn't know it was illegal but were charged with violating state hunting laws.

A woman and child inside also the pickup truck were not charged but game wardens seized the family's guns and spotlight.

Game wardens also charged Kevin Kurtis Krska with unlawful carrying a weapon by a felon due to past convictions of burlgary and theft of livestock.