Family wants answers in fatal drunk driving accident

A family in Mercedes is fed up with waiting after a drunk driving accident in April turned their lives upside down.

"It's been ridiculous, said Myriam Salas. It's been too much already. It's been five months, and we haven't heard anything about the case."

It was a simple trip to HEB that ended in a car accident which killed Cupertino Salas Jr. and his neighbor Ramon Sanchez.

Since then, the Salas family claims they have heard nothing more from Mercedes police, and have been struggling emotionally and financially.

"We're still waiting for the results, said Myriam Salas, Cupertino TMs daughter. We've been hearing that the results haven't come in, just pure excuses. We're already getting impatient because my mom needs help."

A migrant worker for more than 45 years, Salas raised his children to work hard for everything they had.

Myriam recalls how proud her father was of his kids, and was especially proud of Myriam being recognized as the only girl to play football at Mercedes High School a few years ago.

But questions as to why her father's death is still under investigation leaves Myriam with little peace of mind.

"Just knowing in your head that oh, it hasn't been solved, oh, you're not going to receive any help right now because the case is not solved yet, is already too much," said Myriam.

Myriam said MADD and other programs have contacted her family, but the organizations haven't been able to help them since there has been no conclusion on who caused the accident.

The family has their own suspicions on who the alleged drunk driver was that killed Salas and his neighbor.

But the more time passes, Myriam says, chances are greater for the man responsible to get away with the deaths of her father and his friend.

"I hope they can get him as soon as possible before he runs or before we can't find him anymore in order for him to face justice," Myriam said.