Family wants driver charged after fatal auto-pedestrian accident

Fatal crash

A Brownsville family is grieving after a car hit their loved one on the street.

No charges have been filed against the driver, but the family wants the accused killer to face justice.

Marisol Fuentes Valdez was crossing Paredes Road with her boyfriend Tuesday evening.

"It was a very serious accident because the guy that killed her was driving too fast, as a matter of fact she flew up in the air. He hit her, she went up and landed on the road face down and died instantly," sister of the victim Graciela Fuentes Cuellar sister said.

Cuellar said the couple was just looking for a place to eat, and she said she wants the driver to face charges.

"The guy is a border patrol, he was wearing his uniform...He was in his own vehicle driving...We don't know if going or coming from work, but he was in uniform"

Police said the driver of the Hyundai was not given a citation or charged because he stopped to render aid.

That TMs not right. That means police are not doing their job. They're not investigating. I don't know why, but there will be justice, she said.

Investigators said a combination of factors led to the tragic accident.

"It was dark, she was wearing dark clothing, and she was not walking in a crosswalk, J.J. Trevino with the Brownsville Police Department said.

Investigator J.J. Trevino said even though pedestrians have the right of way, people still need to be aware of drivers too.

"Regardless of where you cross, you need to be aware of the vehicles. Don TMt take it for granted that the vehicle coming to you has already seen you," Trevino said.

At this point in time, police said there is no evidence that alcohol or speed were factors in the accident, and the investigation is ongoing.