Fast & Furious: Drag racer rips through woman TMs yard

Silva says she constantly sees drag racers in her neighborhood

A San Juan mother wants speed bumps installed on the street behind her home after a car plowed through her backyard, nearly hitting her home.

"My kids were screaming scared and it was terrible last night," Noemi Silva said. "It was scary."

Silva blames drag racing for the accident.

For the past eight years, she said drag racers speed up and down the Retama, the street right behind her home.

"I would hear it and I would call (police) and my neighbors would call in and nothing ever got done," she said.

Silva said she always feared the worst, and early this morning her nightmare became a reality.

The car stopped short of crashing into her bedroom where she, her husband and her nine-month-old daughter were all sleeping.

"We ran out and the car was over there and the guy was still inside," she said.

San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said he doesn't buy the driver TMs claim that he fell asleep at the wheel.

"We do suspect it had something to do with racing," he said.

The driver has not been charged for any crime as police investigate the accident.

But the chief said Retama is just one of many roads used for drag racing in the City of San Juan.

Chief Gonzalez said he recognizes the problem and had his department conduct a traffic study last year to identify racing sites that would be safer with speed bumps.

"We are going to install speed bumps to minimize the risk of getting someone injured, but also to make sure we protect our streets as much as we can," he said.

Money from forfeiture property sold during auctions to install bumps at three locations last summer.

Police plan to use $5,000 from an auction in November to put speed bumps at the following locations:- Retama between Siouz Rd. and Nolana- Carroll St. near Cesar Chavez- Standard near 1st St.

The speed bumps are expected to be installed within the next month.