Fatal McAllen car crash caught on camera

Dark smoke and flames erupted Saturday evening as anxious neighbors at the McAllen TMs Padre de Vida Apartments looked on.Maria Montalvo captured the tense moments on her cell phone."We just heard the crash and we ran out but it was too late, she said. The car was already up in flames."Police said the driver was speeding south on Ware Road, trying to get away from officers when he lost control.He crashed into the gate of the apartment complex as the car went up in flames.Juan Adame also witnessed the crash."The ambulance came and they were picking up the palms, he said. I think they were trying to get the person out of there."The driver died instantly.Montalvo said an accident this bad was just a matter of time..."There's a curve on the road and the cars sometimes drive too fast," she complained.She added that the crash has left her very uneasy, I'm scared because my kids play out here in this area."She urged drivers to be cautious on the road, for the sake of her children's safety.So far, McAllen Police have not released the identity of the driver, or details leading up to the crash.