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      Fatal rollover prompts speeding concerns for rural residents

      A fatal rollover accident remains under investigation along FM 507 where neighbors say speeding is a problem on their rural road.

      Both 20-year-old Christopher Michael Cabriales and 18-year-old Vanessa Garcia died in the fatal Tuesday morning accident.

      Texas Department of Public (DPS) state troopers are investigating the accident but believe speed may have played a factor.

      Barbara Gonzalez lives across the street from the scene of the fatal wreck and knows all too well that the straight, rural road is tempting for speeders.

      They don't slow down, Gonzalez said. They speed a lot. It's supposed to be like 60 mile per hour and they go, I don't know how fast but they they go pretty fast.

      But it TMs not just people who have been killed on FM 507.

      Gonzalez said her family has lost numerous pets to speeders.

      But it's not just the family pets that have Gonzalez concerned.

      She's worried about her grandchildren.

      That's why we always worry when the kids are out| cause they always like to wander, Gonzalez said.

      Gonzalez has some advice for drivers on FM 507 and other rural roads.

      Just go the speed limit, she said.