Father claims no one tried to save his son

Just this weekend the Tirado family had to bury their beloved little boy.

"He had some pain and then he just stopped (breathing)."

10 year old Marcos Tirado Jr stopped breathing while in the dentist chair at Children's Dental Clinic, a new addition to the Harlingen Family Dentistry.

His family is trying to heal, but tell us they definitely believe an investigation is in order.

Marcos Tirado, Sr. was in the room when his son who suffered from Treacher-Collins Syndrome was getting a tooth filled and was allegedly administered a quote "gas" by the dentist who dad alleges is Dr. Oshmi Dutta, a dentist with a special interest in children with special needs.

We checked out Dutta's licensing through the State Board of Dental Examiners and found he is certified in nitrous monitoring and has permits for 3 levels of anesthesia.

Also, there is no disciplinary action on his record.

When Marcos stopped breathing, Dad claims nothing was done to try to save his life.

He says the dentist shook Marcos and then allegedly switched whatever was going through a mask to oxygen saying only "he needs more oxygen", but there was no attempt at CPR according to the boy's dad.

None of the staff jumped in to resuscitate him either.

Marcos claims his son was not worked on at all until paramedics showed up minutes later.

He was then carted away in an ambulance just to die two days later in the hospital.

His father never had the chance to say goodbye, but hopes to learn exactly what ended his son's life.

This is the statement sent exclusively to Action 4 News from the CEO of Harlingen Family Dentistry.

We had a sad and tragic event happen where a young boy passed away at the hospital 2 days after being treated by our Children TMs Dental Specialist in our office. We realize that there is misinformation about this event. The child was not administered any sedation or anesthetic during treatment and this occurrence was unpredictable. Hopefully the autopsy will give us some answers. Our condolences and prayers remain with the family. Juan D. Villarreal DDS