Father kidnapped son, charged with multiple crimes

Jason Ruben Cavazos // Cameron County Sheriff Department

Jason Ruben Cavazos kidnapped his son Friday, September 27th, after he broke into the mother TMs home.

According to court documents obtained by Action 4 News, Cavazos broke into the mother TMs residence in San Benito.

Court documents stated the mother told officers that she did not allow 36-year-old Cavazos into the house or to take their two and a half-year-old son.

The woman had a protective order against Cavazos.

Authorities said Cavazos fled the scene with his son in his pickup truck.

Cameron County Sheriff Department found Cavazos at S. Harrolds Street in Rio Hondo through a tip.

Officials approached the residence and came in contact with the owner TMs son.

They advised the person why they were looking for Cavazos.

The individual called the 36-year-old and he resisted arrest.

Authorities charged Cavazos with kidnapping, resisting arrest, burglary of habitation with intent to commit felony other than theft and violation of protective order by trespassing.

A bond of $59,500 was set for Cavazos.