Father of murdered son speaks out

The last few days have been a nightmare for Jose Alanis.He rushed out of his home after a neighbor woke him to say something had happened to his 26-year-old son Albert Alanis.The neighbor woke me up and told me my son was lying right there, in front of my home in a pool of blood, Alanis recalled.Alanis ran to his son TMs side but it was too late. I woke up and ran, my son was still alive, I told him [don TMt go] he died in my arms, Alanis said. Alanis said he could hear his wife TMs haunting screams in the back as she witnessed her son die in her husband TMs arms. I imagine he had a gunshot to the head, his entire left side of the head was full of blood, Alanis said. Alanis believes his son was a good kid. He said Albert was a hard worker despite battling a heart condition and anxiety.

He constantly had to be medicated but because money was tight and that sometimes he couldn TMt afford to buy it. On Monday, Alanis said his son had surprised him and gave him $30 dollars to take his wife out to eat.

He said even though his son had a condition it didn't stop him from learning.Alanis said he TMll always be proud of his son. He liked to write a lot, Alanis said about this late son. Albert would sit outside for hours and write all day. Alanis said Albert wrote him a letter not too long ago, it said that he loved life and he loved his parents.To help the Alanis family you can make a donation at any Wells Fargo Bank in care of Lydia Alanis.