Father of Pharr burglary suspect says son to learn lesson hard way

Geraldo Muniz is father to suspect Christopher Ochoa

Geraldo Muniz sat quietly in the back of a Pharr courtroom, still in shock over the events that unfolded right in front of his eyes.

"His mom is devastated...the same for me," he said.

Muniz told Action 4 News that he thought the worst when Pharr police came knocking on his door late Tuesday afternoon---looking for his son.

"When Pharr PD got there I was scared," Muniz recalled. "I didn't know what was going on."

Muniz soon found out what was happening.

His son Christopher Ochoa was accused of burglarizing a home on Bronze Street in Pharr.

"I work, my wife works....he has everything. I bought him a car so he could better himself instead of doing this."

Instead of using that car the way his father wanted, to better his life, Muniz said his son used it to do just the opposite.

Police said Christopher Ochoa, Steven Casablanca and another man broke into the home early Tuesday morning.

But they were not alone.

Police told Action 4 News the homeowner was inside one of the bedrooms and shot at the trio through the bedroom door"hitting the third man in the head.

The homeowner was able to keep Casablanca at the scene by holding him at gunpoint----Geraldo TMs son made a run for it only to be caught a few hours later.

"I was the one that called him and brought him home so they could arrest him."

While it was not easy to watch his child be led away in handcuffs, Geraldo said he believes this is a lesson Christopher will have to learn the hard way.

Both Ochoa and Casablanca were charged with burglary of habitation. Their bonds were set at $100,000 dollars.