Father witnesses toddler die in his arms

It started off as a day of celebration for the Avila family.

They were finally going to live the American dream of owning their own home.

My wife and I just came from looking at a little house and property that I just purchased to move us out of here," Ramon Avila said.

That happiness was short lived.

Ramon Avila said his wife set their 18-month-old, sitting in the car seat, in front of their vehicle as she brought the other two children into the home.

She got the kids out of the car but she left the baby right there that TMs when I was going to go back to a property we just purchased. So I wouldn't hit the post I went forward and I didn TMt see that she left the baby in front of me. I went forward a little bit, that TMs when I felt something and she yelled ~wait! The baby's right there. TM When I got out of the car, his little head was crushed," Avila said.

Stunned by what happened, Ramon said he did the only thing he could. He covered his son with a blanket and held him close, holding out hope that his son would live.

Little cachetoncito didn't. He died in his father's arms.

Ramon said his "cachetonicito" also known as chubby cheeks was the light in his life.

Always following him around---wanting to be just like his daddy.

"He was always following me. I would go out and he would run behind me. He was always asking for his daddy. My wife would tell him to say mom but he would always call out for his daddy," Avila said.

Ramon said Child Protective Services (CPS) has taken their other two children until the investigation is resolved.

Sheriff Lupe Trevino said charges are possible.

We won TMt know anything until the investigation is complete, Trevino said.

Avila did issue a blood sample to determine if alcohol was a factor in this accident.

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