FBI: Cousin was intended target in drug cartel kidnapping, murder

Kidnapping Suspect: Gerardo Villarreal // Past Hidalgo County Jail Mugshot

An innocent man is believed to be dead after being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Court records reveal that Ovidio Olivares Guerrero was kidnapped and murdered because drug cartel gunmen were after his cousin.

Four men have been charged in two separate cases for kidnapping the 35-year-old man back on Memorial Day weekend in 2011.

The Mission man was taken off Mile 8 North and Los Ebanos Road by armed men pretending to police officers.

FBI agents believe Guerrero was taken to a nearby ranch, to a home in Starr County and then to Mexico where they believe he was murdered.

Court records show that the abduction took place near the home of Guerrero TMs cousin Gerardo Olivarez, who was intended target.

Kidnapping Plot

Family members reported Guerrero had been kidnapped when they tried to learn about his arrest and learned that the men who took him were not police.

Court records show that the whole kidnapping plot began to unravel when Mission police busted a party inside a hotel room at the Hawthorn Suites off Plantation Grove Boulevard back in June 2011.

Mission police arrested 23-year-old Gerardo Villarreal on drug charges but investigators learned he participated in the kidnapping.

Villarreal told investigators that he got paid $1,000 dollars by a man nicknamed Pecueka to participate in the crew.

Federal court records show that Villarreal is expected to be sentenced in August but FBI agents identified five more suspects named in a second, but related case.

FBI agents arrested suspects Jose Lorenzo Davila, Roel Garza and Orlando Hernandez last week but the names of the two others suspects in their case remain sealed.

Intended Target

Records in both cases show that the intended target in the kidnapping was Guerrero TMs cousin Gerardo Olivarez.

Olivarez could not be reached for comment on Wednesday but records show that the gunmen were hired to kidnap him.

Court records show that the gunmen knew Olivarez by the nickname Lin and they believed he stole a large amount of cocaine from a Gulf Cartel stash house in the Rio Grande Valley.

Court records show that Olivarez had previous arrest for DWI and criminal mischief but no criminal history involving drugs.

Villarreal told FBI agents that they had Olivarez TMs Mile 8 North home under surveillance in the days before the kidnapping.

Gringo Mike

Court records show that the kidnapping was one of several ordered by Miguel Villarreal, Jr.

Villarreal was killed during a March 2013 gun battle in Mexico but at the time of the kidnapping, he was a Gulf Cartel plaza boss who went by the nicknames Gringo Mike or El Gringo.

FBI agents reported that Guerrero was taken from Mile 8 North and taken to a ranch owned by Villarreal at 1012 N. Trosper Rd. in Alton.

The gunmen questioned Guerrero and realized that he was not the right man.

Trosper Road

Although the ranch was registered to a woman named Dominga De La Torre, court records show Villarreal was the owner.

The ranch was reportedly used as a Gulf Cartel stash house for drugs and other illegal activity.

Those who stayed at the ranch were charged with guard the drugs but a 100 kilograms of cocaine were stolen from there just two weeks prior to the kidnapping.

Villarreal had hired the gunmen to kidnap those who believed had stolen the drugs.

Once at the Trosper Road ranch house, the gunmen beat Guerrero but realized that he was the wrong man.

Court records show that Guerrero saw the face of a suspect whose name has not been released.

That unnamed suspect told the gunmen that they could not free Guerrero because they had seen his face.

Court records show that the unnamed suspect told the gunmen that Guerrero would be taken to Mexico.

Starr County

The gunmen blindfolded, gagged and bound Guerrero TMs hands and feet with duct tape.

Court records show that Guerrero was placed into the trunk of the car.

The gunmen told FBI agents that they had knocked out the interior lights of trunk in case it opened.

They drove Guerrero to a home in Rio Grande City and then to the Rio Grande River where he was smuggled across to Mexico.


The gunmen delivered Guerrero to a man nicknamed Mocho, who was the plaza boss for the Gulf Cartel across from Rio Grande City in Camargo.

Court records show that Mocho delivered Guerrero to Gringo Mike in Reynosa.

One of the gunmen arrested in the case told FBI agents that he ran into another unnamed suspect in the case in Reynosa.

That unnamed suspect showed the gunmen a large amount of cash and told him that Guerrero had already been murdered.

FBI agents reported that Guerrero was a lawful permanent resident of the United States and had no involvement in the theft or sale of cocaine.

Guerrero has not been hear from or seen since the kidnapping. His body has never been recovered.

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