FBI probe into voter bribery scheme at Donna ISD deepens

Donna ISD Superintendent & School Board // Donna ISD Image

Cash. Food. Cigarettes. Beer. And drugs.

All of them were allegedly used as payments for votes during recent election at the Donna Independent School Distirct.

Three former campaign workers, or politiqueras, are facing criminal charges.

Over the past two weeks, FBI agents have arrested Rebecca Gonzalez, Guadalupe Escamilla and Diana Castaeda amid on ongoing voter fraud and corruption investigation.

Court records reveal the three politiqueras are accused of paying people to vote in the Donna ISD races in the November 2012 General Election.

Among the alleged payments were cash, food, beer and even illegal drugs.

The three former campaign workers are out on bond.

FBI agents have not publicly named the candidates who benefitted from the scheme but reported that the politiqueras are cooperating with the investigation.

Election records show that incumbents Ernesto Lugo, Alfredo Lugo, Mike Flores and Nick Castillo all kept their seats on the school board during the election.

Investigators confirmed that Alfredo Lugo, who also served as Donna ISD's school board president, took his own life on New Year's Day.