FBI rounds up seven Valley residents amid drug investigation

FBI agents rounded up seven Rio Grande Valley residents who allegedly ran a drug smuggling operation that moved heroin, cocaine and marijuana to Washington DC.

Teams of FBI agents spanned Hidalgo County on Monday and arrested the following seven people:

Armando Christian Gamez, 43 Carlos Adame Benavidez, 47 Ashley Rose Nuez, 24 Gabriel Adame Benavidez, 41 Juan Antonio Saldaa De Leon, 22 Anna Luisa Jaime, 48 Ricardo Jaime Jr, 25

Court records shows that four of the suspects were arrested in Edinburg and three of them were arrested in Pharr.

According to federal indictment filed in Washington DC on Monday , the seven are among nine members of a drug trafficking group that ran drugs from the border to the DC metro area.

Differents members of the organization are accused of charges ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering.

In addition to the criminal charges, federal prosecutors are using the RICO statute to seize any property or cash profits made by the group.