FBI, sheriff's deputies foil plot to kidnap business owner

Two men are behind bars after being accused of plotting to kidnap a Hidalgo County businessman.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio told Action 4 News it was over a bad business transaction that happened over 20 years ago.

It all started back in 1987, when Lorenzo Reyes decided to go in on an investment with another person in hopes of making some extra cash.

"The investment was purchasing toys from Mexico and then reselling them in the U.S., Trevio said. The Mexican on the selling side stole the money."

Sheriff Trevio said while all investors lost a good chunk of money, Reyes was desperate to get his back.

After spending time in a federal penitentiary, Trevio says Reyes started working on his plan to recoup his lost $250,000 dollars.

"Reyes realized there was no recourse in the American court system or civil system to recoup his losses so he took the other route, Trevio said.

That route allegedly led to Reyes hooking up with Eugene Weafer.

Together, the men set a plan in motion to kidnap the very investor Reyes teamed up with all those years ago.

"We have numerous telephone recordings planning the kidnapping and a sit down that was done at Weafer TMs house to finalize the plans, Trevio said. Reyes told the informants that all he needed was the money that was owed to him, which was $250,000."

Luckily, for the victim, the plans never made it out of Weafer TMs house thanks to a confidential informant.

The case was first investigated by the FBi and then turned over the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office.

Both men were charged with criminal solicitation for aggravated kidnapping and issued $1 million dollar bonds.

The two were also forced to relinquish their American passports.

Trevio said there could be additional arrest for those people who might've known about the kidnapping plot and failed to report it.