FBI taking over investigation into agent firing weapon at militia member

Action 4 News file photo

The FBI is taking over the investigation into a US Border Patrol agent firing a weapon at an armed militia member along the border, according to the Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department.

The Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department confirms they responded to the incident, which happened at an area known as Sabal Palms in Brownsville.

Sabal Palms is frequently patrolled by border patrol agents as the area is within walking distance of the US-Mexico border.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio confirmed the armed militia member was on private property when the Border Patrol agent fired his service-issued weapon.

He shot at him four time. He didn TMt hit him, Lucio said about the incident involving an armed militia member and a federal agent.

The armed militia member was wearing camouflage clothing, which some members of cartels also wear, according to the sheriff.

The incident happened when agents were tracking a group of immigrants suspected to have entered the country illegally.

The agent lost sight of the group of unauthorized immigrants after they went into a wooded area, and when he turned around the agent saw an armed individual dressed in camouflage.

He didn TMt know who he was, Lucio said about the agent firing his weapon in the direction of the armed militia member.

Militia members have previously been mistaken for members of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Associated Press confirmed earlier this month.

The Cameron County Sheriff said the armed militia member was on private property and had authorization to be on the land.

By the grace of God, he was not hurt, Sheriff Lucio said about the militia member remaining uninjured.

Border Patrol said they are currently cooperating with the investigation at this time.

"Patrolling the border is no place for anyone other than the trained men and women of the USBP", a Rio Grande Valley National Border Patrol Council union said via Twitter.

The Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department responded to the scene, but the FBI has taken over the investigation as the incident involves a federal officer.