Federal agents track down man who tried to run over police officer

San Benito police and Homeland Security Invetigations (HSI) both joined up to arrest a man who allegedly tried to run over a police officer.

Cresencio Lozoya is accused of trying to run over a San Benito police officer back in September. The 35-year-old Mexican national stayed on the run evading police and federal agent until Thursday morning.

HIS agents arrested Losoya off Expressway 83 and Hutto Road in Donna around 9 a.m. Thursday.

San Benito police said Lozoya was on the run because of his alleged role in the attempted murder of the officer back on September 11th.

Investigataors said Lozoya tried running over the officer during an incident off of South McCullough Street.

The officer reportedly responded by shooting at the car.

San Benito Police Det. Rogelio Banda spoke to Action 4 News about the investigation.

"That TMs the information that were getting that the subject intentionally tried to run over the officer while at the same time trying to flee the scene, Det. Banda said. The officer fearing for his safety, had to fire his service weapon."

Lozoya is charged with one count of attempted capital murder, evading arrest in a vehicle, evading arrest on foot, possession of marijuana in a drug free zone and duty upon striking a parked vehicle.

The 35-year-old suspect remains behind bars tonight in the Cameron County Jail.

HIS agents have also filed illegal immigration charges against Lozoya.

Records show the 35-year-old Mexican national was convicted in a 2005 marijuana case and deported from El Paso just a few months later.