Feud between families ends with pregnant woman facing charges

Suspect: Esmeralda Chavez

A pregnant woman is facing criminal charges for shooting a 16-year-old boy in the foot just north of Raymondville.

Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence said these two families have had previous altercations.

He told us it TMs a matter of "he said-she said" and not one person's story is lining up.

Action 4 News sat down with the familly of shooting victim Matthew Cavazos to try to get the bottom of the issue.

Family members said 16-year-old Matthew was shot right up the street from a canal off 1st street and Chihuahua Street.

Matthew's stepbrother Roman Cisneros said the family said they were visiting a relative when suddenly they were approached by Mr. and Mrs. Chavez.

"By the time we know it he's there screaming to his wife," Cisneros recalled. "Get the gun. Get the gun. Shoot him! Shoot him!"

Cisneros said Esmeralda Chavez pointed a gun at his father Ramon Cavazos.

"She missed and she hit my son and that gun barrel was actually pointed at me," Cavazos told Action 4 News. "She pulled that trigger and it just locked-it locked on her."

Cavazos said it all happened so fast but the Raymondville father said all he could think of was his son even when there was gun pointed directly at him.

She would have shot me in the back-oh well," said Cavazos.

The Raymondville man claims the shooting stems from an ongoing family feud.

"[Chavez] seems to keep coming at me coming at me coming at me...and I'm getting tired of it," said Cavazos.

Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence says he just wants to see the fighting come to an end.

"There TMs been instances before, the same individuals," Sheriff Spence said. "We just don TMt want to see anyone get hurt more so than already have. It needs to stop and we need to move forward."

Mr. Cavazos told Action 4 News that this confrontation with the Chavez family has been going on for a number of years.

He says he no longer feels safe having his family and children living in Raymondville and he plans to move as soon as he can.

The sheriff's office says as of now, Esmeralda Chavez has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Sheriff Spence said it is an open investigation and they're still in the process of questioning more witnesses.