Fight breaks out between students/parents at middle school basketball game

50 seconds into the 4th quarter of a middle school basketball game between Santa Rosa and Santa Maria and the mother of one of the players captures video of a woman walking out onto the court.

She was yelling at the referee and the players, says Kimberly, mother of a Santa Rosa player.

The video shows the woman being escorted out of the gym, but Kimberly claims the woman continued to antagonize Santa Rosa players.

Then Kimberly stops recording.

"I went straight over to be with my son."

It's what was not caught on tape that has another mother, Ileana of Santa Maria, in an uproar.

She says it was her relative who approached the referee, but claims the Santa Rosa players were yelling at the woman and Ileana's son as they were walking out of the gym.

Ileana says a fight then broke out between her son and another boy from the stands and then she jumped in when a Santa Rosa dad allegedly got involved.

Next thing she knew, players including her son were involved and she was allegedly blocking punches from a player TMs father.

The boy TMs father was holding me while his mother reached over and pulled my hair. I was facing the ground and then the man TMs fist came up and punched me twice in the face, said Ileana.

She claims the Santa Rosa man then went after her son on the team.

He had my 14 year old on the ground and then he went after my 13 year old and punched him, said Ileana.

The Santa Maria player with a black eye and scratched cheek just remembers chaos.

Santa Rosa is always trash talking but I never thought something like this would happen, said the 13 year old.

Kimberly says she witnessed Ileana and another mom throwing blows, but did not see any man hit any woman or student for that matter.

"The moms were fighting each other," said Kimberly.

Police have taken numerous statements but made no arrests.

Ileana wants whoever hit her and her son to face charges.

Kimberly says the entire thing could have been avoided if Santa Maria fans had just stayed in the stands.

Santa Rosa TMs police chief says they will continue investigating the matter and decide in a few days whether anyone will face assault or disorderly conduct charges.