Fight over laundry detergent ends with several criminal charges

Marisela Ybarra // Cameron County Jail Photo

A Brownsville woman is facing criminal charges after attacking family members that she accused of using her laundry detergent.

Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested 25-year-old Maricela Ybarra on child endangerment, domestic violence and assault charges on Monday.

Court records show that 24-year-old Ybarra's brother and his wife were at a home on the 2800 block of Rosewood Circle doing their laundry when she saw them washing clothes.

Ybarra claimed that the detergent they were using was hers and she began beating and choking her brother.

The 24-year-old said his sister forcefully grabbed his neck with both hands so tight that he was gasping for air.

Reports state Ybarra stopped choking her brother and turned began attacking his wife who was carrying their 8-month-old baby in their hands.

The wife curled up in a fetal position to protect the child.

When deputies arrived, the brother was nervous and distraught and told police he feared for his family's saftey because Ybarra had not taken her medication for hyper active disorder (ADHD).

Ybarra faced a Cameron County Magistrate Court judge where she was issued $45,000 in bonds.