"Fill the Bus" for needy families

School Tools, a program that gives school supplies to teachers needs donations

A program that gives school supplies to teachers that work with economically disadvantaged children needs donations.

School Tools supplies teachers at 43 schools with basic school supplies like glue, paper and crayons.

The program targets schools that have 95 percent or above economically disadvantaged students.

Luis Garcia teaches Pre-K at Valley View Elementary.

He says it TMs a rewarding career but the job does come with challenges.

We TMre faced with challenged like there are no pencils, no paper; there TMs no construction paper, Garcia said.

Valley View school district is one of the school district School Tools services.

Garcia said many parents cannot afford basic school supplies needed for everyday class work.

As a teacher, you fill those gaps with your own funds because the schools have a very limited budget, Garcia said.

Like many teachers, Garcia depends heavily on this place to get through each school year.

School tools is a non-profit organization for school teachers, School Tools manager Joanna Crane said. We TMre a project of the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley and we help disadvantage schools.

Last year nearly $1 million of school supplies were distributed to schools right here in the Valley.

Teachers are allowed to fill up 3 baskets with school supplies which can average about $300.

They are allowed to shop 8 times a year.