Final three suspects in San Juan murder behind bars

Several weeks after Rogelio Pardo, Jr. was found beaten to death behind the Condesa Apartments in San Juan the last of his alleged killers finally faced a judge.

For weeks, San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said they have been tracking David Deon Enriquez, Regino Gonzalez, and Rudy Adrian Ramirez.

He said the trio was hiding in a Tri City Bomber gang safe house in North Edinburg. He said these safe houses are a problem in the Valley"one he would like to see solved.

Anybody that helps these fugitives we are going to deal with them criminally and arrest them for that."

Jose Paez, owner of the home, was arrested and charged with three counts of hindering apprehension and possession of marijuana"he was given a $300,000 bond.

As for the three murder suspects they were charged with murder and given bonds of 1-million dollars.