Fingerprints used to ID third suspect in San Juan murder case

Modern technology has helped San Juan police identify a third suspect in a 2010 murder.

It took investigators over a year to identified Juan Carlos Lopez as the third suspect in a deadly May 2010 shooting.

But authorities need to find him.

Investigators told Action 4 News that Lopez, Oscar Gomez and Benito Rios murdered victim Robert Hinojosa during a home invasion.

Police said the men burst into the victim's home and were only supposed to kidnap him but ended up shooting Hinojosa to death instead.

Police said if it wasn't for fingerprints found at the crime scene, they might not have ever identified Lopez.

"At any crime, suspects are going to leave something, said San Juan Police Sgt. Rudy Luna. It will either be DNA fingerprints, something will be left behind. That's how we investigate our cases."

Police said Gomez has already been convicted of the crime and they're still waiting for Rios, the main shooter, to go to trial.

Police believe that Lopez could be hiding out somewhere in or around Rio Grande City.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts you can call San Juan Crime Stoppers at (956) 283-TIPS.