Fire destroys home, community rallies with donations

Maria Sanchez watches her kids enjoy life as she tries to contain the tears. Her rental home was completely engulfed in flames just a day ago, losing everything. "The loss of my home hurts a lot because I lost everything instantly, I thank god my kids are okay, Maria Sanchez said.

Humanity and peoples' generosity is what TMs helping her cope with the loss of all her belongings.

She now has to start from scratch, thankfully people are helping. "The senator and his sister brought me some gifts. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I ask god to bless them and everyone that has helped me out, Maria Sanchez said.

County Commissioner Cuellar has set-up a drop of destination at 1902 Joe Stevens in Weslaco.

Precinct 1 is helping out with monetary donations, clothing, blanket, shoes, food and extra days of lodging in the motel.

Red Cross has also stepped in.

Whatever people can help out with I would be grateful. I TMm not demanding because I TMm no one.. whatever the people want to voluntarily give me I fell blessed and thankful, Maria Sanchez said.

Maria said her main concern is housing.

She hopes someone can help make repairs to the charred home she now has.

If anyone would like to make a donation they can contact Precinct 1 at 956-968-8733.

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