Fire ravages Edinburg family TMs home

The first day of school will not be easy for 3-year-old Paris, and her mother Nubia Alvarez. "Clothes, shoes, her backback, colors stuff that she needs for school. It's all gone? Yeah," Alvarez said.

The flames that tore through their home Saturday afternoon spared nothing.

"It's very hard now that we don't have nothing, she said. We don't have clothes, we don't have anything."

Despite losing it all, Alvarez counted her blessings.

The young family of four was safely at her mother TMs house, and away from the flames.

But the flames did trap their pooch Barbie, who was inside the mobile home.

Alvarez TM husband braved the inferno, jumped in and saved her.

By the time fire crews arrived, there was little they were able to salvage.

"There were not fire hydrants in the area, so we used tankers to fight the fire," Edinburg Interim Fire Chief Ubaldo Perez said.

He added that it fire crews about two hours to put out the flames.

"The cause of the fire is under investigation by the county fire marshal but they do not see any criminal activity related to this fire," he said.

For the moment, Nubia's mom will be taking in the family of four, as the family decides the next step to start over.

If they can help us with anything, we appreciate it," Alvarez said.

Anyone wishing to help out the Alvarez can contact them at (956) 569-9682.

The family provided the following measurements:

-Nubia, 23, is the mother and uses medium shirts, size 9 pants, and 7 1/2 size shoes.-Eugenio, 23, is the father and uses M-L shirts, 32x32 pants, and 10 1/2 size shoes.-Paris, 3-year-old girl, uses size 3yr clothes.-Brianna, 2-year old girl, uses size 2yr clothes.