Fishermen unafraid despite warning of violence in Falcon Lake

Thursday was a calm sunny day in Falcon Lake, a stark contrast to the scene just one week before when David and Tiffany Hartley were allegedly attacked by Mexican pirates.

But this recent incident is not keeping fishermen and boaters away.

Steven Johnson lives in Zapata half of the year and has been going to Falcon Lake for the past three years.

In that time, he said he has not had a single problem down here, and was surprised to hear about what happened just one week ago.

Johnson added that his experience at the lake, crossing into Mexico, has been nothing but cordial.

We see the gentlemen out there, he said. Mexican fishermen earning their livelihood and they TMre really friendly.

But now, local law enforcement officials are asking visitors to avoid going into the Mexican side. The area is a hot spot for drug activity they said, and it is a matter of safety.

Do not go into Mexico, Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez warned. If you see a Mexican boat on the U.S. side, then immediately go back to land on the American side. It is advice Johnson does not know whether he will follow.

When asked if he would continue returning to the lake, he quickly answered, Yes, of course.