Fitness tips to get into shape this summer

It TMs summertime and most women want to know how to get that beach ready body.

Sometimes life gets in the way like work and household chores which makes working out difficult.

Action 4 News went to The Bod Squad Training in Harlingen to gain some fitness tips.

Bod Squad owner Renea Perez demonstrated various workouts that women can incorporate into their everyday lives.

She gave advice on how to exercise at work, pre-natal workout routines and exercises to do while you are home with the kids.

Renea showed how to tone legs, arms, abdominals and how to do various cardio routines.

Nutrition also plays a key role in the getting healthy process, and Renea suggests that women eat multiple fat-burning foods throughout the day.

These foods include salmon, almonds and celery.

Weight loss goals can be achieved this summer by staying on track, eating right and making each and every workout count.