Five behind bars for beating roommate

HPD: Zuniga, Pasqual, Alaniz, Garcia and Barrientos

Five suspects were arrested for beating up their roommate and then holding him against his will in Harlingen.

Leticia Zuniga, Christian Pasqual, Jose Alaniz, Christopher Ray Garcia and Octavio Barrientos were all charged with assault, engaging in organized criminal activity and unlawful restraint.

It happened Friday night at an apartment complex on the 200 block of East Madison Ave.

Police said the victim had injuries to his face, head and neck.

"He was prohibited from leaving his apt, Sgt. David Osbourne said. They were all living together. They got into an argument about something and caused all roommates to actually assault and restrain him from leaving the apartment."

Barrientos was also charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine. His bonds totaled $9,000.

The other four suspects received $7,000 bonds.