Five cans of beer, failed drug test cost Lyford man four years in prison

Paul Lara // Willacy County Jail Photo

A Lyford man out on probation for felony drunk driving is headed to four years in prison after failing a drug test.

Willacy County District Attorney Bernard Ammerman reported on Tuesday that 49-year-old Paul Lara got prison time.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state troopers first arrested Lara back in September 2008.

Lara crashed into a light pole off Business 77 and Spur 56 in Lyford minutes after leaving a bar in Raymondville.

Ammerman said the Lyford man admitted to drinking at least five cans of Bud Light.

Prosecutors charged him Lara with felony DWI due to two prior convictions.

Lara got five probation back in July 2009 but Ammerman said Lara recently tested positive for cocaine.

A judge overseeing the case revoked Lara's probation and sentenced him to four years in prison.