Five charged in the murder of a San Juan man

A barrier of police officers separated the family of Rogelio Pardo, Jr. from those accused of his murder.

The scene was bittersweet for Felix Pardo.

"They pulled my heart out of my chest...I'm just trying to keep it strong for my dad--it's only us left," Felix explained.

Felix is Rogelio TMs brother. He said the events that unfolded early Monday morning did not have to happen---he said someone could have saved his brother if they would have only called police.

"All the witnesses that started popping out four hours later. they should've popped out when it was happening he could've still been here."

Roberto Stretch Garcia, Hector ~Kid TM Mendoza, Arturo ~SpongeBob TM Mendoza, and Damian ~Nemo TM Suarez were all charged with murder.

Adriana Garcia, however, was charged with possession of marijuana and three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

San Juan police are still searching for David Deon ~Prophet TM Enriquez. If you have any information on this case you can call San Juan Crime stoppers at 283-TIPS.