Five students waiting for a bus lose their lives to Mexican violence

Several Mexican students are dead after they were run over by armed men fleeing from Mexican police.

The students were killed in Reynosa, and two others were injured as a results of the chase.

The incident happened today just after noon near the secondary school known as Rodolfo Trevino Castillo, according to the state police.

The students were waiting to go home when they were struck by two armed people in a Chevrolet Silverado after they were fleeing from the Mexican Army.

The students killed are:

Josecil Castro (14) Daisy Cruz (15) Rosario de los Angeles Alvarez Hernandez (15) Juan Carlos Castillo Arizmendi (13) Gerardo Martinez Cruz (13)

A 31-year-old woman and 5-year-old girl were also injured when the armed men struck the parked car they were in.

They are listed in stable condition at this time.

The armed men were able to flee from the scene and Mexican investigators are working on the case.