Five 'Zetas' arrested for deadly Monterrey casino attack

Five men arrested for Monterrey casino attack / Via El Universal

Mexican authorities have arrested five alleged members of the Zetas drug cartel for their role in a deadly attack on a Monterrey casino.

Some 52 patrons of the Casino Royale were killed when gunmen stormed the building and used gasoline to light on fire on Thursday.

Nuevo Leon Governor Rodrigo Medina held a press conference early Monday morning to say five men have been arrested.

The El Universal newspaper reported the men were identified as:

Luis Carlos Carrasco Espinosa, El Chihua, 25 years old, Chihuahua Javier Alonso Martnez Morales, El Javo, 37 years old, Monterrey Jonathan Jair Reina Gutirrez, 18 years old, Monterrey Juan ngel Leal Flores, 20 years old, Monterrey, Julio Tadeo Barrones Ramrez, El Julio Rayas, 28 years old, Monterrey

Gov. Medina told reporters that the men had lengthy criminal histories and are members of the Zetas drug cartel.

El Universal reported that one of the men was identified through fingerprints from a vehicle seized at the crime scene.

That man TMs arrest led to the arrest of the other four.

Gov. Medina told reporters that the Zetas had been extorting money from the owners of the casino.

Medina said owners are out of the country but would also be questioned about possible negligence due to lack of emergency exits.

Mexico TMs President Felipe Calderon has pledged full support for Gov. Medina and the City of Monterrey.

Some 1,500 soldiers from the Mexican Army and 1,500 federal police are being deployed to the city.

The Mexican Navy reported on Monday morning that it is also sending more of its marines to Monterrey.

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