Flea market preacher overcomes devastating house fire

James Alexander overcame a devastating house fire

Many know him as the ~Flea Market Preacher TM but James Alexander wasn TMt always a God fearing man.

"The Lord delivered me out of the drugs after ten years," he said.

Alexander got over his addiction to crack and became a missionary many years ago traveling to Central America before making the Rio Grande Valley his home.

Now 91 years old, he is a prominent figure in the Alamo area.

Over 6 months ago Alexander hit rock bottom, but this time in a different way.

"I looked and the fire was coming out and I shouted, ~Fire! Fire! Someone call the fire department! TM" he said.

In minutes his tiny house was engulfed in flames.

It was a complete loss but firefighters were able to salvage one thing.

"I told them about it (a wallet) and they went in there; it TMs about 300 dollars," he told Action 4 TMs Nadia Galindo the morning of the fire.

With the little money he had, he spent the next few months living in motels and with friends.

But once word got out that Alexander was homeless, people at the flea market opened their wallets.

"He's always preaching about God and people respect him, and give him donations," flea market shopper Sofia Hernandez said.

Alexander never stopped preaching and people never stopped giving.

Soon the charred remains of his home were cleared and donations made it possible for Alexander to buy a mobile home.

It TMs small but Alexander doesn TMt mind, he doesn TMt have much anyways.

"It was a tragic thing, but I came out alright," he said.

He sees this as a sign that he TMs on the right path.

And at 91, he stills finds the energy to encourage others to do the same.