Flood water covers water pumping stations

Access to the water pumps are completely cut off.

The only way to get to them is by boat, which would not do any good, because the power to the pumps has long since shorted out.

We TMre in a bad situation, said La Grulla Distribution Supervisor Lupe Zarate. We TMve been having trouble filtering the water and we TMve had sewer problems.

Zarate said the city of La Grulla was able to borrow a pump from McAllen but not having access to their pumps has become costly and a lot of work.

"A lot of chlorine is being used and it's more costly to operate," said Zarate.

But, he said, once the water starts to recedes the real works begins as they try and fix the pumps that have spent so much time under water.

"I image we're going to have to remove them...have them cleaned and check all the wiring, said Zarate. Make sure that's alright and pump again."

Just 17 miles west of La Grulla is Rio Grande City, while their pumps are also along the river, they are set up a little higher and only one had to be turned off.

The water got up to the meter, said Rio Grande City, City Manager Juan Zuniga. This left us with two pumps and we were fine with that.

Zuniga said they are building a new water treatment plant and pumping station, he said they have already made plans to raise the electrical boxes even more.

If these raw water pumps go out your whole town is without water, TM TM said Zuniga.

While Rio Grande City was sparred, La Grulla will continue to deal with this very scenario, hoping help comes their way soon.