Flooding causing frustration in Alamo neighborhood

Residents in Alamo waking up to a known irrigation problem in the area.A pipe that feeds water from the Rio Grande to an irrigation canal continues breaking.Sending massive amounts of water onto the street and residents want the county to get it fixed.Residents living on Sunshine Street woke up to a pool of water literally steps from their driveways---and it didn't come from rain."It looks like a swimming pool come and join our swimming pool," Olga Guajardo said.Olga Guajardo said the flooding has happened several times.Stating she would like to see the county finally fix it."We get flooded every year one of the pipes of irrigation breaks and we always get flooded," Guajardo said.Hidalgo County Irrigation District Water #2 Superintendent Bert Wessling said the problem is that pipe lines are about 60 to 70 years old.Wessling said the last major flood on Sunshine Street was about a year and a half ago.Neighbors said it reached their door steps.It TMs a sight Olga said she'd like to see go away.With summer quickly approaching---she's worried about the rodents and mosquitoes this standing water can attract."Mosqutioes, rats, snakes, I don TMt know what could be there because this is filthy water and it TMs not good," Guajardo said.Wessling said the water comes from the Rio Grande and is fed into the canal.He said they TMve shut down the water line for now until the water recedes.We asked Wessling when this pipe line issue would be resolved and he said he didn TMt know.He added that the residents would just have to wait until the water recedes even though he says the street has no drainage system in place.