Food 4 Thought - Buffet opened without proper permit or equipment

The kitchen at a McAllen Stripes store was temporarily shutdown and ticketed for gross unsanitary conditions, but it TMs an Edinburg buffet that goes down as dirtiest this week.

D TM Cache on 304 South Schunior in Edinburg scored 28 demerits on a health inspection report.

A city inspector found the restaurant was operating a new buffet area without the proper building permit or necessary equipment to protect the public from the spread of germs.

The restaurant was ordered to stop allowing the public to serve themselves at the buffet stations where sneeze shields were missing.

An inspector said he believed the eatery was ~improperly TM doing business for weeks.

A relative of the owner told the Food Patrol workers were serving the public from the buffet until a re-inspection.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

EdinburgD TM Cache 304 S Schunior (28) *Permit Problems, Improper Buffet Equip*

McAllenStripes 1601 N 10th (21) *Kitchen Shutdown, Ticketed*

Weekly Top Performer List: (zero demerits)

McAllenLonghorn Steakhouse 3600 Exp 83

La Feria83 Bar & Grill 13708 Bus 83

San JuanPizza Hut 651 Nebraska

EdinburgEl Rey Taqueria Tower & FM 107Susie TMs Tacos 7124 N Exp 281Subway 909 N Closner Blvd

ElsaPizza Hut 700 E Edinburg

BrownsvilleEasy to go Tacos 2580 N Alton GloorTaqueria El Primer Taco 3220 FM 802Cobblehead TMs 3154 Central Blvd

HarlingenWing Stop 2230 S 77Cinemark 401 S Exp 83Tila TMs 902 DixielandChick Fil A 1021 DixielandMcDonald TMs 2305 W LincolnEl Pato 601 S 77Chili TMs 1725 W Tyler