Food 4 Thought - Burger King playground area ordered closed for rat infestation

Parents were on edge after the health department shut down the playground area at Burger King on 3235 International Boulevard in Brownsville due to a rat infestation.

Sonia Leal, a concerned parent, said her children have played on the equipment in the past.

"It's not good news because it's rats, said Leal. They can do something to the kids. Get your act together.

A dead rat was caught on camera during a health inspection, near equipment for kids.

It's not the first time this Burger King's playground was cited by the health department.

The Food Patrol exposed problems with dirty playgrounds in an October, 2011 Food 4 Thought report.

Burger king was given 24 hours to clean up and Action 4 TMs Food Patrol went to see if any action had been taken since Tuesday TMs inspection.

Once inside, workers scurried away like mice, and management kicked the Food Patrol out.

Ryan: Do you think the public deserves an answer?

Burger King: I'm not going to answer... One of our people will get in contact with you."

The Food Patrol never heard back from Burger King management as of Wednesday evening.

More rodents were exposed, this time at a Raymondville convenience store. The Raymondville Superette on 594 North 7th Street scored 21 demerits for multiple health code violations including: off-temperature food, improper hand washing, dirty equipment, rodent contamination with one dozen fresh droppings discovered in wood cabinets at the food preparation table.

Two live roaches were also found crawling around a sink.

A worker, who signed the inspection report, said she didn TMt think it was dirty inside.

I take my kids to eat here, Rebecca Cardona said.

Edgar Torres calls her response ridiculous and said, It TMs not acceptable. You never know what TMs in the food.

Other customers said the rodent poop and roaches were enough for them to stay away.

But it wasn TMt all demerits and droppings in Raymondville.

Pizza hut on 501 East Hidalgo Avenue was this week's featured top performer!

It was the restaurant TMs first sticker.

Assistant Manager, Jerry Reta, couldn TMt be happier with a zero demerit health score.

The manager is always on top of us, said Reta. We have a guy in the a.m. who comes and cleans his butt off.

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BrownsvilleBurger King 3235 International Blvd *Rat Infestation in Playground Area*

RaymondvilleRaymondville Superette 594 N 7th St (21) *Fresh Rodent Droppings, Live Roaches*

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