Food 4 Thought - Cheese steak & Taco Kitchen Busted with High Demerits

A public complaint about a hair and roach in food at a Brownsville restaurant led inspectors to this week's dirtiest kitchen.

Taqueria El Taco Loco on 3995 Old Highway 77 was busted with 38 demerits on an initial report.

Kitchen cops snapped photos of several health code violations.

The 2009 former top performer restaurant was caught with cheese about 30 degrees off the correct temperature mark, employees weren TMt properly washing hands or wearing hairnets, toxic items were improperly stored and dirty equipment.

The Food Patrol questioned management about the high demerits, which were later corrected on a re-inspection.

Click on the video link to see the good, the bad and the dirty dining in this week TMs Food 4 Thought.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (Total # of Demerits)

EdcouchTortilleria Rodriguez 412 W Santa Rosa (22) *Improper Hygienic Practices, Improper Handling of Ready to Eat Foods*

BrownsvilleTaqueria El Taco Loco 3995 Old Hwy 77 (38, 0) *No Hand-washing, Dirty Equipment*Philly TMs Americana 2155 N Exp 77 (31) *No Hairnet or Cap, Dirty Equipment*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 Demerits)

SPIClayton TMs Beach Bar & Grill 6900 Padre BlvdPsycha Deli 3112 Padre Blvd

MissionLali TMs

BrownsvilleSubway 3525 International BlvdTacos El Zarape 5955 N ExpEl Gran Taco 675 N Dakota Ave

EdinburgDenny TMs 1305 E Monte Cristo

HarlingenTaqueria La Mexicana 1501 E HarrisonChina Restaurant 1506 S 77 SunshineDon Beto TMs 603 W TylerQuiznos 1338 Ed Carey DrAlicia TMs 324 N CommercePizza Patron 806 N 13th

AlamoAlamo Restaurant 125 N 9th

McAllenKhan TMs Grill 137 Nolana Ave