Food 4 Thought - Country club's kitchen in Brownsville isn't up to par

Valley International Country Club in Brownsville scores a double bogey at its restaurant.

Los Campeones on 95 Country Club Road scored high demerits in back-to-back inspections.

Kitchen cops found expired bread, a cross-contamination concern with open foods, missing towels for proper sanitation and dirty equipment.

Photos obtained by the Food Patrol highlighted dirty conditions in the kitchen.There were 25 demerits on an initial February inspection.

Los Campeones showed little improvement on a re-inspection one week later with 24 demerits, according to a report shown by the restaurant TMs general manager.

Sergio Casas invited the Food Patrol to return after the 29th of February.

That TMs when they plan to call the city for a third inspection.

Click on the video link to see the photos from the restaurant and to hear what the owner of a dirty convenience store in Lyford had to say when the Food Patrol came around in this week TMs Food 4 Thought.

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleLos Campeones @ Valley International Country Club (25, 24) *Expired Bread, Cross-Contamination, Dirty Equipment*

Lyford7th St Drive Thru (26) *No Soap/Towels in Restroom, No Thermometer in Cooler*

Weekly Top Performer List: (zero demerits)

BrownsvilleTaco Bell 925 Ruben TorresLuby TMs 2124 Boca Chica BlvdRed Lobster 1075 FM 802Peter Piper Pizza 1644 Central Blvd

RaymondvilleWhataburger 1007 E Hidalgo St

DonnaSubway 512 Salinas BlvdMonte Carlo 1705 E Miller AveTaqueria Zamora 200 E Edinburg

PalmviewChurch TMs 1117 Veterans Blvd

WeslacoNana TMs Taqueria 1802 S International Blvd

PenitasMcDonald TMs 1705 E Exp 83Subway 1715 E Exp 83

San JuanJack in the Box 902 Raul LongoriaSan Juan Caf 1618 N I Rd