Food 4 Thought - Double dose of restaurant roaches

Roaches infested not one, but two places where people purchase food.

Cano TMs Grocery on 3431 Teege Road, a convenience store located just outside Harlingen, had a roach infestation discovered on a prep table, according to a Cameron County health inspector.

Kitchen cops also exposed expired snacks, uncovered foods and no soap or paper towels for proper sanitation during that same health inspection.

The business was ordered to stop selling any hot foods until the re-inspection two weeks later, which later showed the violations were corrected.

Ke Buen Taco on 5560 FM 802 in Brownsville was the other kitchen caught with roaches.

A cashier, who identified herself to the Food Patrol as a relative of the owner, blamed the insect contamination on neighboring businesses in the same plaza for not keeping it clean.

Flor Garcia admitted she would think twice before eating at a restaurant exposed on Food 4 Thought with a roach problem.

Click on the video link to hear what she said during the Food Patrol TMs questioning in this week TMs Food 4 Thought!

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Cameron CountyCano Grocery 3431 Teege Rd (21, 0) *Roaches, Expired Products*

BrownsvilleKe Buen Taco 5560 FM 802 (21) *Roaches, Expired Products*

MissionAziz 6720 North Shary Rd (27) *Food on the Floor, Expired Health Permit*

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PalmhurstWendy TMs 4410 N Conway

ProgresoSubway FM 1015

ElsaEl Molcajete FM 88Whataburger 623 E Edinburg

HarlingenTaqueria El Zarape 1305 W TylerWendy TMs 401 Dixieland RdSubway 509 S Exp 77Khan TMs Grill 610 Maco DrChick-Fil-A 1021 Dixieland Rd