Food 4 Thought - Food Patrol 'Boogies' with SPI Top Performer

It TMs not often the Food Patrol busts out a dance move in celebration of a top performer restaurant TMs success.

But at a deli on South Padre Island, known for its groovy ways, that TMs exactly what happened with staff inside.

Psycha Deli on 3112 Padre Boulevard scored zero demerits on a health inspection report.

The island eatery is known for fresh ingredients and laid back staff.

When the Food Patrol came bearing a sticker for Psycha Deli TMs achievement on clean, staff inside jammed out to music over the speaker.

The Food Patrol joined along.

Click on the video link to see the hip and arm action in this week TMs Food 4 Thought report!

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleGolden Coastal Seafood 23 Old Port Isabel Rd (21) *Pot of raw squid on floor, No soap or towels*Break Time 2275 N Exp 77 (29) *No Hairnets, Open burritos* Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

SPIPsycha Deli 3112 Padre Blvd

AlamoSubway 412 N Alamo RdLittle Caesar TMs 548 N Alamo Rd

EdinburgWendy TMs 2121 W University Dr

WeslacoMcDonald TMs 1316 N Texas

McAllenSubway 5200 N 10thSchlotzsky TMs 2616 N 10thTaco Rico 3716 Pecan Blvd

BrownsvilleReader TMs Mark Caf 4320 Southmost Blvd