Food 4 Thought - Food Patrol shoved by dirty diner

The latest health inspection reports out of Willacy County have been released to the Food Patrol, and they show nearly a dozen dirty diners across the county.

One of them was Mi Pueblito on 383 East Hidalgo Avenue in Raymondville.

The repeat low performer scored 24 demerits.

Violations at the restaurant included: an expired health permit, a cross contamination concern and improper handling of ready-to-eat-foods.

A woman who was working at the restaurant Wednesday afternoon denied the inspection results occurred at Mi Pueblito.

It wasn TMt until the Food Patrol noticed the actual health inspection report hanging inside a frame on the wall that the truth was revealed.

That same woman was then caught on camera shoving the Food Patrol.

It was another wild trip to Willacy County.

The inspection results are for the following time period: Nov.-Dec. 2010/Jan.-Feb. 2011.

Willacy County restaurants are inspected by the state.

Reports aren TMt made available to the public for several months after they TMve been filed in Austin.

Click on the video link to see who else the Food Patrol exposed in this week TMs Food 4 Thought.

Weekly Low Performers: (total # of demerits)

RaymondvilleChurch TMs 694 E Hidalgo (23) *Hygiene Practices, Off Temp. Food*El Alfarero 246 S 7th (30, 22) *Cross Contamination, Handwashing*Las Mananitas 310 W Hidalgo (21) *Food Temp., Cross Contamination*Antojitos Mexicanos 357 W Hidalgo Ave (21) *Cross Contamination, Toxic Items*Mi Pueblito 383 E Hidalgo Ave (24) *Expired Permit, Cross Contamination*Rudy TMs Meat Market 588 N 10th (21) *Rodents/Other Animals, Cross Contamination*Stripes 423 E Hidalgo Ave (22) *Food Temp., Dirty Equipment*Stripes 101 S Exp 77 (26, 26) *Cross Contamination, No Soap or Towels*

Port MansfieldExxon 1200 Mansfield Dr (29) *Rodents/Other Animals, No Hot Water*

LyfordLyford Superette Hwy 77/Spur 112 (21) *Cross Contamination, Toxic Items*

Weekly Top Performers: (0 demerits)

Port MansfieldSweet Gregory P TMs Smokehouse Grill 1171 S. Port Dr